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How much does roofers costs to repair roof in Dublin

How much do roofers costs to repair a roof in Dublin

How much does roof repair costs in Dublin?

A sudden leak in your roof may create a huge hole in your budget, depending on how long the leak has been around and how large the affected area is.

With that said, how much exactly could you expect to pay for roof repair in Dublin? This is quite a difficult question to answer since there are many factors affecting roof repair fees. Until a roofer inspects your roof, you won’t have a good estimate.

However, we can still give you some insight into the costs of roof repairs to help you allocate a budget for the repair project.

roofers in dublin

Factors That May Affect The Cost Of Roof Repairs In Dublin

The actual pricing of roofing jobs varies significantly depending on a wide range of factors. The main factors affecting roof repair costs are listed below.

Difficulty of access

If the affected area is difficult to access, then you can expect to pay more for roof repairs. And this is not so much because of added material cost as because of added labour hours.

One factor that may affect repair costs is how tall your home is – two- or three-storey buildings make access to the damaged area tricky. Aside from that, the slope matters as well – flat roofs are easier to traverse and therefore don’t have as big of an impact on the repair fees.

The extent of the repairs

This one is a no brainer – more extensive damage will incur higher repair costs. This pertains to not only the roof shell itself but also the structure under it. If your roof has been leaking for a long time, then expect to pay a lot more for a comprehensive repair.

Roof type

The roof type is perhaps the biggest factor affecting roof repair costs. Needless to say, expensive materials like metal or natural slate will hit your wallet harder, both because of the costs of the material itself and the labour associated with its sourcing and installation.

How Much Do Roofing Materials Cost?

The roof type is perhaps the most predictable cost factor in roof repairs. Not only that, but it often accounts for the biggest chunk of roof repair or installation fees. With that in mind, below is a brief list of common roofing materials along with their pricing (approximately).

Natural slate

The costs of natural slate roofing may vary widely and mainly depend on where the slate comes from. In Ireland, natural slate usually has Spanish origin and would cost you €20 to €30 per square metre. As for an entire roof repair project, you could expect to pay from €150 to €250.

Some natural slate types may cost up to €120 per square metre, but the high cost is usually due to rarity rather than higher quality. But unless you already have such slates installed on your roof, you won’t have to pay that much for replacements.

Fibre cement slate

Fibre cement slates mimic natural slates while costing considerably less. Expect to pay around €12 per square metre for this kind of slate, but do remember that it’s not too durable.

Concrete & clay tile

Concrete tiles typically cost €1 or less per tile. The number of tiles per square metre varies from project to project – typically, it ranges from 8 to 16 per. Needless to say, your costs per square metre change accordingly.

As for clay tiles, expect them to be about 30% more expensive than concrete tiles.

On average, you could expect to pay from €150 to €750 to repair a tile roof, mainly depending on its material.


Metal roofing can be quite expensive – up to €200 and perhaps even more per square metre. This is because metal roofs require a lot of detailing and joint work. With that said, keep in mind that prices vary widely based on the roof design and how the material is cut.

All in all, depending on the extent of the damage, expect to pay from €500 to €800 to repair a metal roof.


Wood may not be the most expensive roofing material out there, but the repairs of a wooden roof can cost a lot – usually between €600 and €900. Often, this is because of the extent of the damage rather than the price of the material itself.

Wood requires more maintenance than other materials, and without proper care, wooden roofing gets damaged easily. This may be the reason for its typically higher cost of repair.

Final Words

If you have leaks or other damage in your roofing, then get in touch with roofers in Dublin as soon as you can. Although online research is useful, you won’t know how much your repair project will cost until a contractor has a look at your property. And the longer you wait, the more you will have to pay as the damage may increase.

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