Roofers in Dublin

What Kind of Roof is Best for Dublin?


Gable Roof

The type of roof design you choose can affect several things, including the roof space, roofing materials, curb appeal, and overall look. Thus, the shape and slope of the new roof you’re installing will affect the tile colors and building materials because these elements have to complement the exterior design of your home.

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The following are roof types best for Dublin:

Gable Roof: It’s a triangle roof with a base sitting on the house. The two-sided roof meets at a ridge. The slope is either gentle or steep chalet design.

Gambrel Roof: It has two sides and slopes with one gentle and the other steep. The upper floor is used as a loft or attic, and you can also add windows on the sides of the gambrel roof to maximize the use of the upper story or increase the natural light.

Mansard Roof: The four-sided roof design has double slopes with steep lower slopes that are either curved or flat.

Hip Roof: This is a highly visible roof design consisting of four equal-length slopes for a traditional hip roof or half hip with two shorter sides and eaves.

Flat Roof: A simple roof with a flat surface and slight pitch or slope enough to allow rainwater to run off. Today you can combine a gable or hip design with a limited flat surface area, especially when you want to create an extra floor.

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